The Myths of Hospital Market Share

09/29/14 by Tim Hanners, Chief Healthcare Strategist

In my career as a hospital marketer, I disliked using the infamous state market share data to measure performance—but never had anything better to use. So like many of my colleagues, I acquiesced and used the data and thought, “Well, it’s better than nothing.” But no more!

When Market Share Is Meaningless

If someone insists you take that approach, keep in mind there are three important questions you can’t answer with market share data:

  1. Will this year's volume match last year? (For example, there were 200 total cases last year in our market. Are there going to be 200 total cases this year?)
  2. How many are leaving the market altogether (aka: outmigration)?
  3. How many cases were performed in the brand new physician-owned surgicenter?

The point here is not to find another way to answer these questions because in reality you really can’t find any trusted available data. Instead, we must take a different approach and look at how much opportunity is out there and how much we need to make the business case. 

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Global Down Syndrome Foundation Partners with True North on Content Marketing Program

09/29/14 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

True North is proud to partner with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, a public nonprofit organization dedicated to significantly improving the lives of people with Down syndrome through research, medical care, education, and advocacy.

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Guy Kawasaki on Enchanting Your Customers

09/12/14 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

This year marks our 10th anniversary of publishing Healthcare Insight. On behalf of everyone here at True North Custom, we’re proud to have provided you with fresh ideas and expert perspective for the past decade.  

This is also a good time to reflect on some of our most memorable articles. Perhaps the most thought-provoking content came from a 2011 conversation with former Apple evangelist and best-selling author Guy Kawasaki. His directive to delight customers by focusing on a higher purpose illuminates the mission for healthcare and financial marketers, and highlights the important role you play within the community.

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Shattering the Myths of Marketing Automation

08/12/14 by Valerie Lauer, Copywriter

In an increasingly competitive and complex environment, marketers have to work smarter and make better use of limited time and resources. Automation tools allow marketers to leverage technology to maximize efficiency and measure results unlike ever before.

According to, more top performing companies are adopting marketing automation solutions. While gaining popularity in IT and other industries, these tools offer huge opportunities for forward-thinking marketers in healthcare—where less than 2% of organizations are leveraging these systems.

If you're hearing the buzz but need help separating the signal from the noise, this article from the Content Marketing Institute offers a good primer. For those who are evaluating options or preparing to implement an automation tool, we’re here to help distinguish fact from fiction.

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Will Retail Beat Hospitals to Patient Engagement?

07/25/14 by Tim Hanners, Chief Healthcare Strategist

I recently read an alert about the implications of third parties mining health data. Don’t get too excited—this wasn’t about hacking into hospital patient data. The alert was about third parties using the consumer purchase and behavior data readily available to them. Is retail moving into the healthcare data space faster than hospitals? With HIPAA, of course, hospitals cannot sell or even give protected health information (PHI) to retailers, but retailers may not need it.

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Getting the Most Out of Analytics

07/24/14 by Rona Hutchison, IRM Product Manager

Analytics are all the rage when it comes to marketing these days. ExactTarget recently released the organization’s 2014 “State of Marketing” report. This report shows that 98 percent of marketers plan to increase or maintain spending in the coming year—with data analytics identified as the top area for increased spending.

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Congratulations to Our Clients Named as the Nation's "Best Children's Hospitals"

07/16/14 by Angela Williams, Copy Manager

There are a lot of proud parents at True North (don’t ask to see pictures unless you have a spare hour), and we’re thrilled to partner with several leading children’s hospitals who provide their communities with high-quality pediatric care and peace of mind.

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The single most important concept in healthcare direct marketing is...

07/03/14 by John McCall, Vice President of Business Development


If you are focused on service line growth, population health management, or profitability, having a method to hone in on target populations with precision is absolutely paramount. This can only be done using statistics.

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Best Time To Send Email?

06/27/14 by Eric Clarkson, Interactive Designer

When seeking the best time to send email, there's no "magic" window. But there are some guidelines you can follow to make sure your emails stand a chance in an increasingly crowded inbox.

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True North Selected to Speak at 2014 Healthcare Internet Conference

06/18/14 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Once again, True North will be among the thought leaders presenting at the Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC).

The largest event of its kind, the HCIC brings together healthcare leaders from a variety of disciplines—including marketing, information services, web, eHealth, and mHealth—to learn, collaborate, and advance the industry.

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