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The Buyer’s Journey Part 1: Engagement

10/06/15 by Tim Hanners, Chief Healthcare Strategist

In order to engage—and, ultimately, convert—your target audience, content must be created and distributed with a purpose. 

How can healthcare marketers identify what consumers want and on what channels to engage them?

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Healthcare Insight: How Cleveland Clinic Engages with Content

10/02/15 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Our latest issue offers expert perspective from Cleveland Clinic Chief Marketing Officer Paul Matsen—and other thought leaders—to inspire your marketing and communications strategies.

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Topics: Healthcare Insight

Infographic: 4 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website

10/01/15 by Eric Clarkson, Interactive Designer

Of course you want your website to look great, but Google isn't as concerned with appearances. This infographic sheds some light on four things that are key to getting Google to notice and rank your site.

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Takeaways from Content Marketing World: Part 1

09/25/15 by Angela Williams, Editorial Director

Is your content what people want to read?

That’s the key question speakers returned to over and over at Content Marketing World 2015. More than 3,500 content marketers from across the world, myself included, attended the conference and came away with many lessons, which I’ll share in future posts.

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Distributing and Measuring Part 3: Best Practices for SEO

09/23/15 by James Colvin, Insights Manager

Welcome to the final installment of our three-part series: Distributing and Measuring the performance of your content.

To wrap up this series, let’s discuss the the final piece you should consider when crafting a content marketing strategy: SEO. Going back to the buying process, the goal of this content is to place it front and center during the Information Search step, so being optimized for search is integral. SEO is a large practice on its own (For a quick refresher, check out our infographic!), but you can focus on social sharing and the formatting of your content immediately.

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Video: The True North Strategy Team in 90 Seconds

09/18/15 by Eddy Anthony, Digital Product Specialist & Lisa Price, Senior Managing Editor

Meet the analysts and strategists who are targeting, tracking, and optimizing integrated content marketing strategies for our clients.

"Modern marketers have an immense amount of data they can use to make their marketing better, faster, [and] stronger.."

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How to Craft a Credible Message

09/16/15 by Tiffany Parnell, Copywriter

What’s the secret to producing trustworthy content? Let your organization’s experts speak.

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Nothing Shall Be Impossible: Rebranding Saint Thomas Health

09/11/15 by Kayla Anderson, Marketing Manager

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Nashville American Marketing Association (NAMA) event that featured Saint Thomas Health’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Rebecca Climer. Having recently led the organization through a rebranding initiative, she shared actionable insights on an issue that hits close to home for many healthcare organizations.

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Client Spotlight: Global Down Syndrome Foundation

09/04/15 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

We love sharing our clients success stories, but were even prouder of being a good neighbor and giving back to the communities we serve. Our partnership with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation combines both passions.

Discover how the Global Down Syndrome Foundation is leveraging the power of integrated content marketing to educate and engage its membership.

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Best Practices for Healthcare Content Marketing

09/03/15 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Our recent piece in Strategic Healthcare Marketing highlights the challenges today’s marketers face—and how to successfully compete for consumers attention.

The decision process of a health consumer is changing, and as a healthcare marketer you must understand how to find and engage your audience using the power of content marketing.

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