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It’s All About the Story

03/27/15 by Angela Williams, Editorial Director

If you’re a House of Cards lover, odds are that you’ve binge-watched the entire season on Netflix already. Now that you’ve seen the latest from Kevin Spacey, why not learn his thoughts about content marketing?

Maybe the connection between the Academy Award winner and content marketing seems vague to you. For Spacey, the keynote speaker at Content Marketing World 2014, the connection is clear.

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Spring-Clean Your Marketing

03/20/15 by Erin Mooney, Account Manager

Whether you’re simply wrapping up the first quarter of 2015 or getting ready to plan next fiscal year’s budget, these tips can help ensure you keep, toss, and recycle strategies to generate the most ROI.

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5 Marketing Campaigns Hospitals Should Be Running Right Now

03/13/15 by John McCall, Vice President of Business Development

Hospital marketers are united around a set of common causes. The challenge? Focusing on the most high-return opportunities when youre pulled in so many different directions.

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Putting on a Persona

03/13/15 by Rachel Stewart, Senior Copywriter

While marketers wear many hats on a daily basis, mind reading is typically not a tool in the arsenal. Yet a good deal of our day is spent trying to figure out how to engage specific audiences. Strategically slipping into their shoes” through buyer personas can prove effective.

Knowing your audience is the key to keeping them from skimming or scrolling past your content. If youve never considered using a buyer persona before, keep these four tips in mind to increase audience engagement.

1. Deal out the details. Truly knowing your audience goes beyond gender, location, and income. Consider their likes and dislikes, from favorite TV shows and snacks to favored forms of technology, where they go on vacation, and most-used social media platforms. Digging deeper allows you to create a three-dimensional persona the audience can relate to and emphasize with. Trying to reach multiple audiences? Construct extra personas to lean on as you build your latest campaign. 

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New Tip Sheet: Marketing to Millennials (Like Me)

03/06/15 by Meaghan Dant, Marketing Manager

The generation that brought us the selfie and coined phrases such as lol and ttyl” is rapidly changing consumerism. Smart marketers are learning how to adjust their positioning and messaging to resonate with Gen Y.

If youre working to engage millennials, here are few things you should know about marketing to these tech-savvy and socially conscious consumers.

Establish a social presence. Be sure that your online presence is designed to meet the specific needs of millennials. It is also important to understand the social language and make sure that any communication is a two-way street. Publish your content, including blog posts, videos, and white papers, to social sites such as Facebook and Vimeo to start a conversation.

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True North Selected to Speak at Healthcare Conferences

03/05/15 by Meaghan Dant, Marketing Manager

Less than 40 percent of all marketers consider themselves effective at content marketing. If youre in that category, join us for upcoming conferences in Boston and Atlanta to help raise your game.

True North and client partners will share best practices, case studies, and other insights at the following 2015 healthcare marketing conferences:

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6 Marketing Hacks for Securing Content from the C-Suite

02/26/15 by Erin Mooney, Account Manager

Your executive and clinical teams are excellent brand ambassadors, but getting them involved when developing content can be a challenge. Whether you need a President’s Message for your annual report or a physician’s quote for an e-newsletter, consider these tips the next time you're securing content from a member of your leadership team.

Be mindful of your timing. Speak with the leader in person or by phone, if possible. Raise the topic of the upcoming marketing piece and your interest in involving him or her in the content. Make sure the timing of your conversation gives ample time to fulfill the request you’re about to make.

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3 Key Metrics of Digital Marketing

02/06/15 by James Colvin, Insights Manager

With digital marketing more prevalent than ever, measuring its true impact is essential. Let's explore three levels on which you can track performance of digital campaigns.

According to Gartner’s 2014 Digital Marketing Spending Report, digital marketing spending averaged one-quarter of companies’ marketing budgets in 2014, and more than half of the companies surveyed plan to increase their digital spending in 2015 by an average of 17 percent. As digital marketing takes up a larger amount of the marketing budget, measuring the efficacy of those efforts becomes more and more important. Here are three metrics that marketers can use to measure the performance of a digital strategy.


Measuring engagement can primarily be done using Google Analytics by properly setting up Goals within your account. Look at the metrics that confirm if people are reading our content and sharing it with others. Measurements such as pages per session and session duration demonstrate that people are looking at the content being shared—and that theyre spending a good amount of time perusing the subject matter. While its more complex to set up, monitoring downloads of images or other content as well as sharing across social networks is also valuable feedback on whether your online content marketing is resonating with readers.

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The Case for Content Marketing: Top 5 Stats

01/30/15 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

In a field full of buzzwords, theres probably none more talked, tweeted, pinned, or SlideShared about than content marketing. A Google search for the term yields more than 360 million results. (For comparison, a search for "Justin Bieber" yields a paltry 200 million.) I can imagine it wont be long before content marketing shows up in a SnapChat or two—and just as quickly disappears.

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5 Ways to Make Your Custom Magazine a MUST Read

01/23/15 by Erin Mooney

You dont have to be Cosmo or Real Simple to engage readers—but you can take a page from their best practices. Apply these five characteristics to get readers just as excited about seeing your magazine in the mail as they are about national magazines.

Publishing a fully custom magazine that features your organization’s content is an excellent way to promote your brand and engage your audience—but only if your audience finds the content relevant. To help determine what will work for a general audience, think of your favorite magazines. What do they look like? Why do you read them? What moves you to share the content with colleagues and friends?

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