How the ACA Is Impacting Healthcare Marketing

11/24/14 by Lud Kimbrough, President and CEO

The True North team was fortunate to spend time with healthcare marketing’s best and brightest minds during this year’s national conferences, including the recent Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development Annual Conference and the Healthcare Internet Conference. Our conversations illuminated several ways the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is impacting healthcare marketers and their organizations.

Here are three signs of the times observed during this year’s events. 

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Webinar: Modernize Your Credit Union Marketing

11/24/14 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Find out how shifting from traditional marketing to a more modern approach can help your credit union attract and retain members.

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Direct Mail: If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

11/14/14 by James Colvin, Insights Manager

We recently discussed the benefits of a targeted mail list. Now, let’s talk about how you can measure the effectiveness of direct mail.

Whenever an ROI measure is needed for a campaign, marketers should start by defining the target audience and identifying a second group of households that are similar to the target households receiving the marketing. This group is called a control group, and it should be identical to the target group except this group doesn’t receive the marketing. The purpose of identifying this group is to compare them with the marketing group to see if the marketing group’s behavior is demonstrably different due to the marketing.

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Webinar: Marketing for Population Health

11/12/14 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Discover how your marketing can support a population health management strategy.

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Get More Mileage Out of Your Content Marketing

10/30/14 by Rachel Stewart, Senior Copywriter

A steady flow of fresh, relevant content is critical to establishing and maintaining an audience—but don't forget about the content you've already created.

Revisiting and updating content can foster credibility, build preference, and drive higher search results. Here’s how retaining and maintaining content on your website or social media platform could boost your digital presence—and your bottom line.

Blog posts, press releases, and newsletter articles are great ways to connect and motivate action from your audience. Once you hit the “Post” button, content can take on a life of its own and continue to be discovered through online searches for months or even years. Since creating new content takes time and money, take advantage of this content’s longer shelf life by revisiting your archives and identifying posts readers hone in on—then you’ll know what topics you need to continue offering.

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What Kevin Spacey Says About Content Marketing

10/13/14 by Angela Williams, Copy Manager

What’s the secret to effective content marketing?

I recently joined more than 2,600 content marketers from 50 countries at Content Marketing World 2014—all searching for the answer to that question. So, what is the answer? Here’s the best explanation I gleaned from the brightest minds in content marketing:

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True North and Clariture Join Forces to Drive Service Line Growth

10/07/14 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Partnership Brings Innovative Digital Strategy to Healthcare Marketing

Combining best-in-class content marketing with state-of-the-art social, search, and mobile marketing and advertising technology, True North Custom and Clariture have joined forces to help health systems generate higher patient volumes and profitability.

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Top 10 Takeaways from INBOUND'14

10/03/14 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

I was fortunate to be among the 10,000 marketers from around the world who descended on Boston last week for INBOUND14. With more than 170 sessions including keynotes from Guy Kawasaki, Malcolm Gladwell, and other thought leaders, it was like drinking through a dozen firehoses...while trying to take notes so you didn’t miss a drop.

To share the wealth, here are my top 10 takeaways:

  1. We are in the biggest communications revolution in history. There’s no better time to be a marketer.
  2. Change your mind. Its a sign of intelligence.
  3. As a leader, when you are willing to sacrifice for the team—and specifically to give up non-redeemable possessions like time and energy—your team will be willing to sacrifice for you.
  4. Make sure your marketing messages make your audience think: "They get me."
  5. The CMO of the future must be willing and able to challenge traditional ways of thinking.
  6. Successful marketers know that its not about being better than someone else, its about being better than you used to be.
  7. Instead of thinking, "What can do I with my limited time and budget?" market leaders think, "What can I do to help someone else?" This mindset opens up a whole new world of opportunity.
  8. A winning SEO strategy comes down to this: Be the essential answer to the questions your customers are asking via search. 
  9. The buying process has transformed within the past decade. Now, buyers are in charge of relationships with companies they choose to do business with.
  10. Telling authentic stories is more important than ever, as content is the link between companies and customers.
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Read This Before Your Next CEO Presentation

10/02/14 by Clay McDonald, IRM Data Analyst

The only worse design than a pie chart is several of them.”—Edward R. Tufte, "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information"

The next time you need to put together a presentation on market share, media mix, or the latest market research survey, your first thought may be to create a pie chart when representing values that add up to 100 percent. Pie charts are ubiquitous in today’s media and even pop culture, but they happen to be one of the worst ways to visualize data.

Pie: Great for Dessert, Not for Data 

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The Myths of Hospital Market Share

09/29/14 by Tim Hanners, Chief Healthcare Strategist

In my career as a hospital marketer, I disliked using the infamous state market share data to measure performance—but never had anything better to use. So like many of my colleagues, I acquiesced and used the data and thought, “Well, it’s better than nothing.” But no more!

When Market Share Is Meaningless

If someone insists you take that approach, keep in mind there are three important questions you can’t answer with market share data:

  1. Will this year's volume match last year? (For example, there were 200 total cases last year in our market. Are there going to be 200 total cases this year?)
  2. How many are leaving the market altogether (aka: outmigration)?
  3. How many cases were performed in the brand new physician-owned surgicenter?

The point here is not to find another way to answer these questions because in reality you really can’t find any trusted available data. Instead, we must take a different approach and look at how much opportunity is out there and how much we need to make the business case. 

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